Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's only words....

....and words need not be crosschecked in every trivial thing. Silly mistakes are not a crime in a personal mail/ or even in bloggers world.

(Believe me all writers/editors of any kind will be disagree ....esp if they are the ones making the mistakes!)
Crosschecking can get compulsive in such cases!
I hereby absolve myself from this addiction!


Tapasya said...

Silly mistakes can be fun sometimes. I remember getting an email from a student where the word "click" had the first "c" missing.
And I almost typed in "Duffer Management" instead of "Buffer Management" into my OS report once :D :D

aditi said...

Not seen many such but those are funny!

Krishna Khanna said...

I still remember we were in 10th and Prema Pandey was teaching writing a speed post (where money for each word) and Sushila wrote "Ram broke his leg in hospital" instead of "Ram broke his leg. In hospital" Punctuations are a must to put a full stop to continuous emotions :)