Friday, November 24, 2006

ae dil zara sambhal,
apne armaanon ko yun naa tu kuchal,

kahin door jo manjil hai use na khona tu,
apni rah mein khud hi kaante no bona tu,
aage jaana hai abhi,yun naa sona tu,
choti-choti haaron pe yun naa rona tu,

zindagi naam hai sabr ka,
isse ek pal mein yun naa chodna tu,

pachtaye baadmein aesa kuch naa karna tu,
umeed thame rakh,tootne se yun naa darna tu,
dosron ka sahra to bana hai,par khudki aakhen yun naa bharna tu,
zindagi ka kuch waqt hai tere pass,usmein pal pal yun na marna tu.


Ankur jain said...

Really inspiring...... read it manier times and everytime analysed myself more deeply and closely.... many things to learn good going dear!!!

Tapasya said...

Wonderful lines!
I loved the last two lines. They reflect a thought that has been repeated many times, yet it lifts you up. Life is all about living each moment, exploring the happiness and the sadness in the same stride, and learning. Yet another post that inspires.

aditi said...

Good to know dat u liked it...afterall its the reader who makes poetry as inspriring or not based on the interpretation....esp in this case.

aditi said...

Hey last 2 lines are my favourite also....about the rest i think this time i only felt the poetry was u people who actaully understood it.