Thursday, November 30, 2006

Life goes on

A poem which seesm to describe all that life represents to me.

Life goes on…
Grief comes, shocks and passes by…
We stand stunned, cry…
Then slowly move on, waiting for the aftershocks to be felt,
Taking all blows life may at us pelt,
At the same time take life as it has been dealt,
Nothing lasts forever yet life goes on,

People in our lives may leave
But life continues as if untouched,
Even if we feel as if fighting death each day….
Why meet at all some may ask,
But noone would have it any other way,
We treasure memories,
Long after losing the person….
To death or to life itself.

Sometimes it feels we wont make it after so much pain,
But life shocks again,
A new phase comes,
Old gives way to new,
Just when we have given up hope as if on cue,
In this new phase we don’t lose the old one
It keeps coming back like a friend to show us the way.
The person maybe faraway,
But the lessons, the memories stay,
We can’t go back
But we can watch that time like a play,
The characters that were once life now from our lives are astray
They may be near but we can’t reach them in anyway.

We look into the mirror of the past:
And see another stranger…ourselves.
How many lives do we live in this one big journey,
Where change seems the only thing constant?

Life keeps rushing along,
Ultimately pulling us with its flow.
Even if we want to wait for someone,
Someone we seem to have got used to,
To enjoy the journey with,
Only to be dashed to the rocks of hurt again.
Then another helping hand in pain,
The hands keep changing
But the pain, the recovery remains the same.
Are we heartless of is just life queer?
Do we change or do circumstances around us in this way steer?


Sameer said...

I think this is the same poem Tapasya talked to me about. Its really beautiful. The keywords being 'go on'.
Most of your blogs appeal to me, and I will post in a comment when I get some time.

aditi said...

Hello!Heard a lot about you from tapasya....ya this that poem only i think...
Yes,"goes on" is certainly important.
Glad u liked this...waiting for your response on other blogs..:-)

ankur jain said...

Very nicely written!!!
That’s what life is we should keep on going enjoying our good memories ... taking lesson from the bad ones don't fear in taking something due to fear of losing it bcoz life goes on and all in all life is so great it always give you the strength with pains ..pull you out of the sorrows drains enjoy it to the full to make best out of it !!!

aditi said...

These words of yours are true gems really...they give so much hope,make sense and written also so well...
Its something that we need to remember when we fear the future...we shouldn't allow it to affect our present...