Thursday, November 30, 2006


THere are so many ways of living life..i found three major ones........yet i couldn't understand which is right...all are right in their own aspect.......all are so different yet they lead to a common destination.

Some people are workaholics...for thm the aim of life is their work.It's their passion.It's their life.Sometimes for it, they ignore everything else.Sometimes they even seem callous because of it , people call them too competitive ,too selfish but then i relaised they also have role to play in life......through their.if they are sincre in it then the efforts last much longer than their lives and help people even if they themselves don't.

Another kind is those who are philantropic.......those who give themselves selflessly......who just strive to help others in some or the other way.But they have no personal life and no productivity that is tangible.Some may call them fools ,some may call them crazy and escapists but they do what they find right.
Yet another kind is those people who concentrate only on enjoying life and being with loved ones.People may say there is no greater purpose to life but that purpose also in itself is great.They makes lives of people ,even only few people realy wonderful.So they also contribute.

Now the confusion.......What should we ultimately aim that makes us materialistic at times and withdrawn from life at other times.

Relations?But they dont' last ......the most any relation can last is a lifetime.After that we don't know what happens..we lose everyone close to us's harsh but the truth.Do we ever see them again or not are questions can ponder upon but never know for certanity.

Social service?It seems the best but then not everyone is meant for in to make it the only purpose of life....some people need tangible results to work....peolpe need relations also to sustain themselves.Its not that easy to be that selfless....very few are...and not all are meant to be...

Onething i realised that is constant or needs to be constant in this learn.If from every any of these 3 ways of livning or some other ways,we learn something, then we are sucessful....but what is required is share those lessons.Knowledge is not mean to be stored, its mean to be spread.In life we need to grow constantly...from ours or our peoples' good or bad experiences.And help others also grow.


Tapasya said...

Somewhat similar to what Aman pointed out as a comment on my poem. I however, disagree with some aspects.

aditi said...

Similar concept but different also in many ways...which part do u disagree with?

ankur jain said...

I think life should be the accurate fusion of the three ways you have mention in the blog as we know excess of everything is bad ... so we should work so that we can do something which people can remember.... we should help other as it is the duty which we are bound with when we were born ... and we should enjoy the life to relish the god gift we have got:)

aditi said...

Well that defines the ideal situation...maybe thats what we should strive for but perfection is unattainble so a balance is not always reached ....yet if people do justice to their own goals completely then we should respect them for that and not think about lacking areas...those are what we should strive for..but not look in the world for..