Monday, August 17, 2009

This is it

This is it my dear friends
The road has a new bend,
It's forked in many new ways,
Scattered we have to move on,
Towards our separate means and ends

Together we cheered
Together did we cry
Moments of togetherness will bond us still
As we picture good old times
Comforting each other as the world jeered

Let changes not set us apart
Be those in the physical sense
Or those of our inner selves
For we will grow in our separate worlds
But we need not part at heart


Tapasya said...

Loved it. Especially the last stanza.

Nice template too :)

One more blogger said...

Amen. Remember u wil always be together at heart n frnds r jus a blink of eye away :)

Ash said...

very nice!

Ankur said...

Very simply and nicely explained .. how the friends forever should be positive even when going apart because whatever it may be but the bond inside don't break or bend with time....

aditi said...

Hey thnx...I have chnaged after a long long time!
Yup...or a phone call/mail away...
Very well said:)

Bhushan said...

nice.. esp the last para.
and a good template too.

aditi said...