Monday, August 17, 2009


Serials are addictive! I mean novels calm you down whereas serials make you hyper. Still we love them. Been watching "Friends" recently. It' over now. At least 200 episodes of it (missed the beginning portions). At first I just liked it for being funny. But gradually I realized it's much more than that. It's about importance of true friendship-the kind in which you really care for each other. It's about actually believing in the happiness of the other even if you aren't part of it, about the beauty of forgiveness- when someone truly needs it, getting someone gifts without you being the giver and lots of more. Basically it's about love-for each other. None of these are new lessons but they are portrayed so realistically that it's not preachy. It actually touches you deep down while making you laugh. The characters are humanistic, not ideal. They are a weird group of people bunched up together by chance and also by choice. They all have their moments of insecurity, jealousy, pain, sadness , humiliation, even anger and manipulation. But they don't stray away from goodness in the real sense because they still care for each other.

I wish it wasn't over. But I am perfectly satisfied by it's ending. That's what happens in real life. We move on. After a particular time, we all have major changes in our loves and our priorities change. But it gives hopes that true friendships never do. They just evolve.

It's something everyone must watch at least once. (I guess most already have, I am late runner here!).

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jayant said...

Friendships... well, tricky business, I must say.
I've just completed my engineering and sadly its time to bid goodbye to four years of hostel life.I did evolve there, banishing my old image of being this shy,introverted guy.I made friends, fought with them, studied,drank,smoked,struggled to cleared papers,cursed my professors for being mean,roamed around uselessly on Manipal streets and on this day, I find all that has left a void in my life that can't be filled. Lucky to have made friends for a lifetime there.We all are heading towards different cities,some for jobs, some for higher education but probably there's one thing common to all of us,the past four years which were the best period of our lives..