Monday, April 13, 2009

Ek sawal

Ab yahan tak aa gaye hain , ab kidhar jaayen?


Prasoon said...

'ya to apna raasta khud banao ya issi raaste pe seedhe chale aao' - khud ka banana accha rahega waise..

Bhushan said...

If the road still exists and you have doubts abt continuing. try walking some more to confirm and then think accordingly till you reach any of the below.

If its a crossroad choose the one that could make a satisfactory progression from your journey till now. Such a choice would make you feel happy later on. But it could also be difficult to visualise the future and come back to start your journey again. And in case you are lucky, you could be bang on target. o/w a way out could be to go by your instincts and make the new path follow a pattern somehow.

If its a dead-end there is no option but to make your own path.

And if neither (crossroads and dead-end) exists and you dont want to move on the current path, make a new path and

PS: sry thoda lamba ho gaya :) kaafi time se mere blog pe bhi philosophy nahi hui aur tumne woh sawaal punch liya jo ki dil ke kaafi karib hai :P

aditi said...

Do raah hain!

WoW!Maaja aagaya...very sound and thorough advice...esp about satisfactory progression...will have to think in those lines...crossroad is such that one way leads to desire and another lead to adventure...
One leads stability and one to risk...

Bhushan said...

waise the path in the pic seems to be the sip n bite one..taken from the sip n bite's side :)
so contextually speaking you have a choice between going to your dept (desire, stability) and to your hostel (adventure n risk of missing ur future stability!)

Apply the progression and make a choice :P :P

kshitiz sehgal said...

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

Tapasya said...

Dunno...jaha zindagi le jaaye !

aditi said...

Very true!But not choice there...lead me where there is food :P

But that doesn't work in my context...both are well trodden paths

Agar zindagi pe choda to will be stuck where I am :P

Ankur said...

Hmmmm... go RIGHT !!!
Waise the thing is where ever you go the most important thing is to keep on going and the one who goes will definitely find the way !!!

Geetika said...

[bhushan]really thoughtful.
[aditi]Hey I didnt knew that u r in IITD!

aditi said...

If I knew what was RIGHT then I won't ask :P
Arre!But here for only a little while longer now...