Thursday, April 16, 2009

Panch Sawal!

  • Can right ever be done in a slightly wrong way?
  • Is honesty always the best policy?
  • Is it really required to kill your happiness to be right always? If it is then why don't I agree ?
  • Why do people say we shouldn't have desires? What else do we live for?
  • What's the best way to make any decision


Bhushan said...

1] Yes
2] No {I sometimes believe in delayed honesty and silence till that time}
3] Sometimes
4] Desires are ok until they dont become obsession.
5] On multiple thoughts, I guess Tapasya's solution to your previous post is an all time best way to make a decision.. think over :)

Prasoon said...

The same questions disturb me right now. I wish I had answers. :(

kshitiz sehgal said...

same set of answers can't be applied to everyone
i can tell u wht i thnk of them

aditi said...

Reply [Bhushan]
Answers good enough to require no cross questioning :)
I guess at some point of time, we all wonder about them
Do tell:)

Ankur said...

1. if the intentions are right way can't be wrong
2. always be honest to yourself
3. How it could give happiness if not right ???
4. Don't only desire but also perform
5 . best way is to go with your heart after thining from your mind ...

aditi said...

1)Very liberating
3)Correct if 1 is true
5)They don't always lead in the same direction

Tapasya said...

Very difficult question paper madam !! I can't seem to attempt even one :D

Robotics ke 5 question compulsory wale final exam ki yaad dila di :D

Tapasya said...

@Bhushan on Q.5 --

Mujhe chaney ke ped pe chadhaa diya :D


Bhushan said...

haha..khud hi utar jana..i m not sure if thr is a pool below which can save u :D