Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Tagged!...Little things that piss me off

This tag came from Geetika. Here I go........

1) Unwelcome critics-People who are sooo generous with their criticism about your personal habits or just about anything when noone has actually asked their opinion. And they don't realise it can hurt at times. For the record, I am happy with myself and if I am not, I will ask for your valuable opinions when I need them.

2)Topper worship-Just because someone is great in one field or even aspect of life, it doesn't mean that they are out of this world. And just because someone is OK in a field , it odesn't mena they can't excel in another.

3)No reply-When people who don't reply to official mails. Come onn, a no doesn't take that long. Why keep anyone hanging?

4) This is sooo girly-What else do you expect? Hello! I am a girl. And liking romantic novels certainly doesn't mean I don't read anything else! Some of them life's best lessons...if you can't appreciate anything but philosophical ones, then that's nothing to be proud of. It's just choice.

5)Division-In this day and age people still talk of casteism and all that. I mean how can you generalise anyone but a name? Every person is unique.

I tag Taps, Ankur and whoever else wants to take it.


Geetika said...

No reply, good one ;)

aditi said...

:)I was highly by it when I wrote this blog!

Naintara said...

baya nahi itni naaraaz hai???????????

aditi said...

Kya "baya"?Samajh nhi aya

aditi said...

Ohhh "btaya"...interestingly never thought of u while writing this :P