Sunday, March 25, 2012

Why do I push you

why do i push you
when I wana come closer?

maybe it's bcoz you seem to push too
and i am afraid to pull and fall

But when I push, I bang into the brick wall
of your dwelling, your interior

of which i am kept away and out
maybe you fear i would change it

 maybe you just don't want anyone to be a part of it
or maybe i am just plain wrong

maybe this is not an entrance wall
but an exit to which you escape

maybe its just not a wall at all
but your boundary , your abundance

available to all
but which to me feels a wall

maybe there is  no hidden interior
but there is still hardness which hurts when I push

why do I push?
one day the balance may stumble
and weakened I would crumble.

why do I push?
maybe bcoz that’s what you expect
and that’s how I get you  to react


Bhushan said...

This is awesome! :)

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Puja said...

ahaaan!! thats amazing.... :)

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