Sunday, May 15, 2011


It's been a while since I wrote. I don't know what's happening , whether it's just me or in the air. But it's like I am sleepwalking, or rather sleep living. Just living each day, taking it easy. Not in a rush but also not pausing long enough to actually experience, reflect or even think about much. As if bidding my time. Waiting . But don't know for what. Maybe it's laziness. Maybe it's all the activity (not necessarily work). Maybe it's the in-between phase, when you know change is gonna happen but you can't see it yet.

It is said that you can't remember what you don't give your brain the time to process in the first place. Maybe that's it. The brain doesn't process life right now. So it's tough to remember what happened a few days ago. What I was busy with.

A kind of numbness sets in. You get used to everything with time, true.But I think I have got used to change these days. People come and go and it's normal. Routines change. Situations change. People get busy. I myself get busy. Yet it's normal. It doesn't affect as much. Life just keeps on moving.

Some might say it is good. Good to be stable. Good to be on the plain road. But I miss the rollercoaster.

I have got trapped into a lake. Scenic though it might be but I miss the powerful sea with it's bubbling waves. They may crash but they also take you high up, for a great ride. And it's worth it.

Maybe the only thing to do is write. Maybe this is what happens when you suddenly don't pen down stuff. It gets lost. Maybe to really experience things, you need to share them with yourself and writing helps in that. 


Ankur said...

excitement is very important part of life but do we need to experience it everyday ... if so then our lifes will be as good as a james bond movie... so at times its important to have excitement and rollercoaster in life but life is to enjoy it not be in it.. have you seen the giant wheel which is run by humans for the person who is moving it its not the joy but simple regular stuff for him the excitement could be reading a novel writing a blog so things which becomes routine may not be that boring but just the human tendency to make life exciting makes them boring .. so doing routine things is also very important to be able to enjoy excitement..

Bhushan said...

perfect description!

aditi said...


That's very true. Everyday things do bring joy. Sometimes the regular stuff really makes one happy. But the joy should be there right? It should feel good, and not stop feeling. One needs to experience life always...even when its plain. It should never be taken for granted. One should never be too busy to actually "live".

aditi said...

Reply [Bhushan] Of what?:)

Bhushan said...

perfect description of what I could not pen down all these days. You and Ankur together have expressed it perfectly!