Sunday, May 15, 2011

The sisterhood of travelling pants

This has been  a wonderful feel-good series about friendship, love, families, life and how they all come together. Feels magical. Written in a playful manner yet as you brush it's surface , you realise it's deep enough for you to be touched, to learn about life.

I won't add much more except this one quote which I loved in the 3rd book. It is sprinkled with this and many more:
".....This was the future. Life would get busier and more varied, populated both by beautiful things and unfortunate circumstances. If their friendship demanded exclusivity or solitude, it couldn't work. If it required that everything go as planned, it would turn brittle, and ultimately it would break. On the other hand, she knew that if they could be flexible and big, if they could encompass change, then they could make it....... "

This is true for every relationship nowadays. and that's good but also kind of sad, even if  illogically so. 


Ankur said...

Nice post !!! Its true that we need to be flexible in relationships these days because life is like that only but why to take these changes negatively ... because these changes also help in learning how we can be more acceptable to the other person in life how we can be happy just knowing that other person is doing well... doing well not only means happiness it also means that other person can do the things which are necessary to do for a good life and better future .. it help us understand the reality of life .. it helps in making a better bond even when the situation is not very good or favorable... though it all sounds very bookish but these things really help in having a better and joyfull future ... but with all this we need to remember that work is for life is not for work.. so temporary flexibility which brings long term stability is good for life as well as wonderful eternal relationship

Bhushan said...

Relationship is what keeps us human.

aditi said...


Thanks,all of it is very true. But love the last lines. That is always most important to remember.:)