Saturday, May 28, 2011

Life, a cake.

If life is a cake, then work is just one piece of it. All the time.
So that makes...."work, a piece of cake!"

Ok ok, I won't try my hand at comedy now:)

But it IS only one piece. Each aspect is . Expect love maybe which makes the cream, character which makes the crust and the excitement which makes the icing. Materialistic Success/Fame is just a cherry on top.


Bradly Jones said...

Nice logic behind that. but you can't eat your cake and have it ;) and some cakes have as many layers and a complex family.
lovely blog.

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aditi said...

Reply[Bradly Jones]
Thanks, welcome to the blog:)

Bhushan said...

bas yehi logic bacha tha ab insaano ko kaam ke prati utsahit hone ke liye :P
nice one though :)