Sunday, December 26, 2010

The best

This poem may not be a great work even by my standards but it's special as it is reminder of the fact that dreams do come true and life really is beautiful.

Give the world you best
And the best comes back
Oh it really does!
And many folds at that!

God brings such joy  to our lives
that repay it we must says the heart
But “how to do so” wonders the intellectual part
An answer so simple that lies right before us, it does!

“Give my people what I give you”
Says the Great Almighty.
And you will have done your part
And so spread the joy as you move along in the path
And bliss will abound your heart, your life, your eternity


Ankur said...

Very nice thought.... Its true that god will always give you good things back and that too in many folds... but another thing which can be thought of is that we should do good things and spread happiness without thinking that because doing good things also give a peace to the soul which is beyond any other happiness... so even if we feel we are not getting back the joy we have spread at least we can be sure that joy of making someone happy will always be their ...

aditi said...

Ideally that should always be true . But if I am honest, I feel we need to have a little happiness in ourselves to be able to even spread it. It's like the airline warning of putting your mask on first before helping anyone. Though yes, at times it also happens that when you down in the dumps, just making someone smile helps. Though many times that strength would not be there.

For some people though, the ideal case is always true, almost by instinct, as it is with you:)