Thursday, July 01, 2010

Readers make any writing what it is

Was just browsing over some older posts and realized afresh how good blogging is. It's a treasure of memories and thoughts associated with them. It's a whole lifetime in a nutshell, light kind of way. In some ways it is better then diary.Even the serious parts have a twinkle because mostly we try to generalize them. So the bitter edge , if any goes away. And whats left is what you learnt from that phase of life. Of course the comments make any blog what it is. They teach you, make you think differently and sometimes just give you solace from the "me too"s in them.
So here's thanking of all the fellow bloggers and readers who ever perused this space:)


MangoManBunty said...


I've been a totally different person once i started venting out and people came and connected!! Hail blogosphere!

aditi said...

[Reply MangoManBunty]
Good for you!