Friday, June 25, 2010


Research is like living on a lonely island. Sometimes people get stranded on it and there's company. Otherwise there's just you and infinite space.

It's a place where time and tide hurry for no one.
It's a merry but lonely spring turning into a river which makes its own course as it goes along.

It's about having your cake and eating it too. But it's also about the weight gain later on!

It's a life box on facebook. You never know what turns up but you be sure you will some else with the same status update.

It's like being a king who who has no money.

It's like creating news but not reporting it.

It's like making castles in the air and being able to live in them too. But of course they are invisible so no one else sees them.

It's the equator between heaven and hell.

This song also defines it somehow...line by line...


Anonymous said...

wow... can imagine thru ur words...adi !

aditi said...

Glad to be able to provide some imagery :)