Wednesday, June 16, 2010


People say we can get used to anything. But there are many things one would not like to get used to. Or maybe that's how we feel at the beginning of any phase. Noone likes change even if they are looking forward to it. So of course dreading it , find it any unwelcome visitor who refuses to go. With time you could get used to his habits but you don't want to. It's much better to remember that it's a visitor than will go than believe that "this is the way of life".

But even better would be to take the positives out of any change. For example, in case of the unwelcome visitor, you may realize how you don't want to be. You won't want to come to him so you would work better! If that visitor is loneliness, that you might want to revel in solitude. Use it to do all you never got the time to do because as said here about space, it's never according our needs.


Bhushan said...

the key would be to be conscious when change happens :)

aditi said...

Best of course would "bliss in ignorance":D