Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tag....Five things on my mind just now.....

I am finally taking this tag of Geetika's. Maybe that I will also get to know what is in my mind.
Hmmmm let's see...

1) I want to go out with friends. More specifically, I want one more day to hang out as we did in B.Tech and at the same place. I still miss that.

2)I want to have a week full of good soulful thought-provoking conversations that were "common" when friends were near.

3) I can see things changing. I know they have to. But I wish they won't all of the sudden.Just because I may remain a student doesn't mean everyone else will but it doesn't stop me from missing company.

4) I wana be better. I don't want to hold onto close ones so tightly.

5) I wana really get started with work properly and really get into it(weird!!!)

I tag Taps and Ash.


One more blogger said...

Gud u did my tag.
point 5 is not at all weird!!
becoz that what I thnk every morning :D but thngs r nt wrkng up wel :(

aditi said...

I enjoyed it:)
I know what you much tiem goes in useless activities...updating things/running around....

Karola said...

yeah, fifth pint is not really weird ;)
nice blog. visit sometimes mine! :) ive just started blogging, but i promise there'll be more notes! :)

aditi said...

Welcome to the blog:)
Sure will watch out for yours:)

Tapasya said...

Don't know how I missed this post of yours.. hmm.. I need to take up this tag badly.

I guess I'll end up with the same 5 things.. not sure though.

aditi said...


Do take it up!:) Wana check it out