Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A new year and a new PG Express

It's been a long long time again. And this has marked a brand new phase in my life.
Yes, I have taken the next step in post graduation.PhD.

Finally all confusions and cryptics end here with this one word which will now define maybe the next many years of my life. It' s exciting and it's scary. At least it's a little less lonely. But that will keep oscillating as people come and people go and I become a fixture in the lab.

If I go in order to list the steps I took/ or life took for me for the past year it would this way:
4)Confusions galore! -April
7)Look busy , do nothing. "Chakkar kaatna"-July
9)Independence -September
10)Busy bee work-October
11) Why me work-November
12)All pieces fit in place-December

All this has been followed by "B" part in this this year so far :

B part
1)Relaxation-a week off from the mobile , computer and work in pure fresh air with loads of walk, novels and family time-perfect!
2) Chakkar kaatna
3)Why me work
and moving onto ....
4)Independence at a price.

Wow! No wonder I feel at the end of each day as if I have lived a week! What with an entire months emotions getting covered each day!

BTW HAppy NeW YeAr to all.

My resolutions? Skip top busy bee phase or even work phase!

P.S : I am not a geek , I am not even dignified or "grown up" , I am not brilliant. I even get lazy and am not always hard working.

But I just wanted to do this. I am stubborn, lucky sometimes and very much loved. So maybe that way lucky always.


Bhushan said...

This indeed is a BIG decision. Congrats!
kahan par?

love the P.S part. keep going and luck shall follow :)

One more blogger said...

PhD! Awwww....
Lots of best wishes. Hope u get a gud n super cool supervisor n good thngs wil eventually follow :)
You will become a fixture in the lab thats for sure :P

aditi said...

Same place.
Yup PS part is very necessary!

Thnx:),that has a way....lets see how the rest goes!

One more blogger said...

PhD side effects already started :D
ur blog is sufferng from low activity :P

Bhushan said...

yeh phd aur blogging ka relation koi samjhao mujhe?!!
maine sabse jyada blogging tab ki thi jab mein lab mein tha :P

answer pls!

aditi said...

So far that's mostly bcoz I was away, but lets see how it goes now:P

[Bhushan]Ideally aesa hi hota hai :

Blogging is directly proportional to the amount of work pressure you have!