Sunday, September 13, 2009

"Ab yahan tak aa gaye hain, ab kidhar jaayen?"....again

"Ab yahan tak aa gaye hain, ab kidhar jaayen?"
And the soul-searching continues.............

I don't worry about whether I will get what I want or not but about whether I will choose what I want. No it's not arrogance. Far from it. It's just a firm belief that we get what we really want. The theory has gained popularity, it Alchemist or The Secret.

But here the problem is the realization of what I want for the rest of my life. Not for just me, but for any of us going through the transition stage.

Do dreams last a lifetime? Or do they change as we grow? It's actually very difficult when you are at the brink of your dream coming true. You don't know what next. But worst still what if you don't know if it is still as dear? Sometimes it's just fear, sometimes shear laziness. If so you overcome them and move on. If you hear a voice deep inside your heart, just follow it, no matter how crazy. God will lead you then. Some dreams remain embedded within you. Don't lose them.

And yet I wonder is life all about just rushing after dreams? When do we slow down? Is that only to be left for old-age?

A very confusing post indeed, I know!


Bhushan said...

Do let us know once you get the answer. (pls dont say that answer lies within yourself. However true it may be :P) I have been postponing thinking on these issues out of laziness for a long time but sincerely want an answer now :)

Tapasya said...

The problem is that we don't know what to 'want' or believe in. I wish I had the clarity.
I wish I knew who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, I wish I knew what I wanted to study-- or whether I wanted a PhD or a job.

I dont know how long we have to "run". I want to be at peace (I can't resist mentioning that I want to 'rest in peace', while I'm alive, if you know what I mean).

aditi said...


I think I enjoy being tortured by the pondering...why else would it take so long to think anything over?
I believe this time it's OK to let life take it's course and decide for me:P

I know but if you were at peace, you would get bored soon, at least that happens with me. Ultimately we do need problems to live though it seems weird.