Sunday, November 11, 2007

People work so hard ,strive so much in different ways for why it is that when we get it easily, we complain so much...with all our hearts(not even superficially)?
And its not as if we aren't interested...people go for degree after degree if its like a least some do...then why its charm fades when we are there?
Why toughness of course alone is enough to shake us up to dreadfully???
Whatever happened to joy of learning for the sake of it?Does that never come and stay in its truest form?

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Tapasya said...

The joy of learning goes way, not because you are no longer interested/hard working. but because of the expectations the society has from you. The fact that the world measures your intellect and expertise by the number of degrees you have, and the fact that the degree might never be able to actually capture your real strengths (eg your area of true interest/inclination) take away the all the joy, for you too try and evaluate everything in a quantifiable manner.