Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Suppose a person is learning to swim and swims with some kind or protection or support...maybe a kicking board.Now he has no confidence that he can swim without the board also so has been using it for many months. So feels discouraged that maybe he doesn't have the necessary skills to learn "proper" swimming.

Suddenly one day he is pushed into the water(goes in by mistake thinking it to be shallow) without the board.Now if that is a sea where he can see no shore anywhere near then he may simply freeze out of fear and drown.But if he can see a shore,not very far away, or if he can see a lifeguard coming to his rescue and knows he just has to hold on a while,he will just kick out....and voila!!!(because when he has hope and he knows has to do something for survival ,he will his lack of confidence,and actually he can because he has done so for many months and knows what to do)He will be swimming.

And once he realises that he can swim, he will love it and be happy and never use the board again.

Well this seems to me very much like the transformation from being spoonfed as UGs and in deep water in PGs.Except that I dived myself thinking water to be shallow.
All there is to remember is that the last part of the story is also true.

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