Saturday, March 03, 2007

Two sides of life

To truly care means never to expect anything in return and never ro regret it.
But care also requires thought.It should be given to those who deserve it,need it and appreciate it.To show appreciation is not necessary.But it's a wastage of emotions,of energy, of time to care for people who don't value it simply 'cause they don't need it or acknowledge it. That's a mistake we may make but it doesn't make us bad,just makes u sad!Makes situations in life seem hopeless.Makes life a nightmare,from which we wish to wake up.

The other case is to truly care or love and be cherished even without expecting it.That's lucky and that's what makes life so beautiful.And makes those other sad moments worth it.Makes everything in life seem perfectly wonderful.Makes life seem so dreamlike ,that we feel afraid to be woken from it.


Tapasya said...

I wanted to comment, but then, I realised, there's nothing I can say. Wish I could swap myself from being in the first situation to the second.

Prasoon said...

Life isn't all pleasant if you're in the second domain too - you one day feel, have an urge rather, that you deserve something in return - I don't know why but it happens.
Atleast happens when you realize that all that care you give to the other person is being thrown down the drain and you're treated badly - Sometimes people just don't know what they deserve, they don't value anything but 'freedom'.