Saturday, March 03, 2007

Remember"It's my life"

This is one statement we so often forget.The focus our our lives has to ourselves.This is not a selfish attitude but an attitude required to truly and fully live life.The best way we can go about making our lives simple,uncomplicated and most importantly ,happy, is by being independent.Why "most importantly" happy?Because we need internal well being for any kind of extrenal goal.Even if success means making a difference to the world,for that we first need to make a differnce in our souls.We need feel good ourselves to make others around us feel better.

For all this ,we need to be independent and responsible for our own selves...our feelings and our actions.To depend on others,not matter how important to us, for happiness for instance, hampers not only the relation but also our own emotional well being.Yes external factors do influence us,and yes, people close to us do affect our emotions.But to be affected and to depend on are differemt issues.Its ok to be sad due to external factors just goes to show we care.But there's a problem if we "only" find happiness externally.If, in spite of all that's happening in our lives externally,we can take time out to find solace within ,or to find joy in some simple activity when totally on our own,we are in control.True happiness comes from least the form that is permanent.

External situations may make us feel great and that's good.We should be grateful to life when that happens,but at the same time not start waiting for those situations to be repeated to feel happy. In other words,don't expect much from the world but be happy when it gives a lot...still knowing that you will at least survive if you are deprived.Knowing that you have that much courage.

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