Sunday, February 18, 2007


"Life is scary when dreams come true"but it shouldn't be .Sometimes dreams do come true........and then its important to just live them.When we have a dream,its belongs to 2 categories...either we just want to live on dreaming about it...that's perfectly normal.Some dreams we don't want to have as a part of reality.Their purpose is simply to re-enforce our faith in life.Then there are the dreams which we do hope will become a reality.Some of these we have control over...and they become ambitions for which we toil.But some we have no control over and can only be left in God's hands.These the ones which cause most anxiety and pain.If they don;t come true,we either get frustrated or keep waiting and hoping.
But sometimes dreams do come true......and then its important to live them fully.We need to accept the fact that if God bestows them to us then we deserve them.And they won't be snatched away unless they have served their purpose and are replaced by better ones.What is essential is that when we are given happiness,we should be grateful for it and value it instead of worrying that it will disappear sooner or later.At times we need to stop worrying and take time to realise how beautiful life really is.


Tapasya said...

I completely agree. Still, I fear losing all the happiness. And I dont know why.
Nice post

Tapasya said...

Ab mere dono blogs par comment kar, warna...