Sunday, February 18, 2007


"Trust is giving someone the power to hurt you and yet hoping and believing that they won't misuse it."

That's how i define it.But i am told its a fuzzy thing."It can't be exact can't be discrete...either 1 or 0.It's usually in between" i am told.But well that's just not the way things work according to me.

If we trust someone then we don't try to protect ourselves from them.And if we have to do that then we don't truly trust them.


Tapasya said...

This post reminds me of the discussion we had in the bus sometime last semester. I still haven't been able to define 'trust' properly. The definitions change everytime, they seem to follow some non-monotonic logic that comes with experience.

Ankur said...

Very nicely written !!!
But i don't agree with the thing that it works as binary logic as the level of trust you give the other person always varies from person to person.
According to me there are no two person whom we can trust equally so there is nothing like 0 or 1 to me .....

aditi said...

that depends on how you define trust.i feel there is aboundary,beyond which we know people whom we trust to be basically honest and good to us.And some whom we can't.In todays world...even this is difficult to know...which people are genuinely good and which are just fakes.

And there a second case...trusting based on much of ourselves we can share with someone ,how much we expect them to understand and be there for us all the same.That trust is rare and usually very few people in our lives become worthy of that.