Monday, October 30, 2006

To be or not to be..........

A few questions....what's better to trust and to be fooled or not to trust at all?
Whats better, to allow people to take advantage of you sometimes(because they will) or to be so careful that you are never hurt but that's just because you never allow yourself to feel anything?
Why should you have to make yourself horrible just because some others can't be good?
But else is possible?
People blame you for being fooled..never those cunning others.
There is no moderate situation which we keep seeking in life...either we remain completely pure and face the consequences in the name goodness
we give a blow for blow and destroy our soul in the process of defending ourselves.
There is no such thing as "partially trusting people"

The problem with former is that it doesn't allow us to be happy or at peace with ourselves in spite of the fact the we right.We wonder why we suffer having done no wrong.Life seems unfair.

And the problem with latter is that we are never happy primarily because we know in our hearts that what we are doing is wrong.To hold feeling against someone is almost worse than actaully doing them wrong... its like attacking from behind.
To trust completely and then have it broken is heartbreakingly tough,but to never fully trust out of this fear is equally distrauting.


Tapasya said...

You inspire me at all times!

I personally feel that it is better to trust and reach a state of pain, for such pain makes you stronger. It clears the vision, and helps us resolve things better. Most of the times we tend to bestow trust on people who dont deserve it, and we end up feeling shattered. This heart-break teaches us whom to turst and whom not to trust, and this form of learning is a must for every person.

Too much of comfort can make life gluttingly sweet, isnt it? A bit of pain is necessary to appreciate the joys of life. These are my two cents on the issue.

Tapasya said...
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aditi said...

Yes pain is required in life.But somehow i dont't think we always learn how to trust more after it.Sometimes it just makes us more confused and we dont' even know whom to trust and end up losing faith even in ppl worth it.

Ankur jain said...

Hi read blog today ... you might have guessed what i am going to say on this as i have told you that many times earlier too.... but let me write it one's again not only for you but for the others too to whom you have given something to really think upon... so the thing is Don't give worth to those thousands who betray your trust and take your advantage because the one who is your true mate is priceless and worth giving you those thousand bad experience after which you find the good one ... so never stop trusting people...

aditi said...

yes, u have told me this many times...but before this is a different opinion because before hearing that i had never thought of it that way.And in way it makes sense long as true mates don't end up doing the samething...but well in that i guess we should just wait more with faith.