Saturday, April 14, 2012

It will happen:)

It will happen rarely when all pieces of your life will fall in place....
when all weathers will seem equally delightful,
the sun will give comforting warmth and the cold winter chills pleasure,
the rains will exhilarate and winds will tickle,
the bloom will bring a spring in your step,
and the fall will cushion your souls with the crunch of  its leaves.

When all music will seem as if made for you,
when all dance steps will seem as if made by you, 
when art will flow out of your fingers onto the canvass so bright
when ideas will write themselves into words so right

When you will wake with a smile
to start another day so beautiful 
but never be ready to sleep
to end a day so dreamy and full
when life will seem complete
and with the present, no past will be able to compete

A smile today, an eager step towards tomorrow
Secrets to share, dreams to borrow
leaves no place for sorrow


Ankur said...

This post shows that it all in the mind what we want to feel everything can be enjoyed if taken in right spirit ....... so its not about the external environment its about the inner peace

aditi said...

Very true...but of course certain environments favor our inner peace:)

Puja said...

i didnt know you can write so well :)

Keep a positive attitude towards everything and things will happen for sure :)

aditi said...


Tapasya said...

And, it did happen :)

aditi said...

@Taps....Yes, it did:)

aditi said...

@Taps....And it will for you also