Sunday, March 13, 2011

The little leaf

I pity the little leaf
Noone notices it, all they see is the tree
The hugely spread tree
With millions of leaves
All overshadowing each other
Yet none do we see
Except for the tree
Who in itself would have hardly any identity
Had it not been for the leaf losing its individuality
It is the little leaf which bears it all
The brutal rain, the scorching sun, the dusty wind 
And still stick to its stem it does
while crying tears of pain
which we see as beautiful dew
Or even after-effects of rain
while the strong tree stands tall
But finally the leaf loses the struggle
Withered, each falls 
In its own time
Till all that is left is the tree
Only then do we see, it is empty
Without the leaf,  its non-identity.


kshitiz sehgal said...


soft on ears with insightful thoughts.

aditi said...



Tapasya said...

Some of the best lines I've read on your blog....

Here's what the "strong" tree feels:

Ke maana bahut guroor hai mujhe
Meri himmat, mere wajood par
Ke maana tumhare bina jee sakta hoon main.

Kyu na ho mujhe guroor aakhir,
Kya kabhi socha tumne
Ke har woh patta
Jo mujhse bandhkar mujhe chhod gaya
Ek hissa tha mera.
Kya kabhi socha tumne
Ki har woh dhoop ki kiran
Har woh baarish ki boond,
Tumhare sath maine bhi jee hai.
Kya kabhi socha tumne,
Ke tum haar kar
Yun khud ko mitaa kar chal diye
Tab mai,
Yaahan, kuch aur toota,
Kuch aur bikhraa,
Kuch aur adhuraa-sa hota chala gaya.
Kyu na ho mujhe guroor aakhir.

aditi said...

Waha wah wah wah! You have represented the other side very well.
I feel neither the tiny leaf nor the strong see each others' sides.