Thursday, August 05, 2010


True friends are not just those whom we trust but those with whom we share a comfort level. Recently I noticed that we refrain from speaking our words aloud not so much out of fear of misunderstanding but out of an attitude of "why bother? "

I mean ofcourse we should given an opinion if its something vital ,but true friends are those whom we value enough to argue with them even over mundane stuff. Stuff that doesn't really matters to either. It could some stupid movie, some book, one third person, anyone. Mostly neither is able to convince the other about their opinion, but both feel good just to share their thoughts, even about random stuff. That's comfort level.

So if I argue with you, just remember that I value you :)


Bhushan said...

true it takes a lot of understanding (after there have been many misunderstandings!) to get to that position.. of course it is only for the people we 'bother' that we are able to do so.
The stuff about pointless arguments is very nicely put :)

PS: you succumbed to friendship 'day' though..strange for an Indian isnt it?! :P ;)

Bhushan said...

sry friendship day was on 5th aug last yr not this you are still an Indian..hehe

Bhushan said...

oops I am messing up everything..I withdraw!

aditi said...

Thoughts about pointless arguments is what started this blog, not friendship's day.

But ya I do succumb to it with great gusto...any occasion with a reason to celebrate and appreciate close ones is cool for me!