Wednesday, April 21, 2010


There are so many perceptions to life. What may be right for one can seem completely wrong to another.
Wow! It's difficult to actually accept the fact that many times all opposing views can be equally right. But the only person who would know this is an outsider, hearing all points of views.


Booklover said...

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Would love to know what you think!

Tapasya said...

Tabhi chup rehna chahiye. Silence is golden.. especially when you're sitting through a lecture that is being taught by your advisor :D

Bhushan said...

fact of life.. doesnt help being an outsider as well

aditi said...

Sure, will have a look!
[Taps, Bhushan]
Actually it's very interesting at times from an outsider's point of view...esp when you have nothing to lose :P
It makes you realize the world is actually Fuzzy.