Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Sometimes listen to what I say not

Sometimes listen to what I say not
Sometimes feel what I dare express not
Sometimes stay when i say go away
Sometimes persist when I say "leave it".

All is not easy to say
I fear being brushed away
Deep within me lies a curse
A curse called dependence

Accept it i you can
Don't ignore it
Free me from it
And I am yours

Not an easy I task I agree
But who can do it but a genie
Set me free
Either release me from its bond
Or release the bond from me
Both i will accept completely


Phoenix said...

Echoes my feeling, n m sure a lot of other girls wd connect too

Geetika said...

@Aditi: You see thats why people find girls complicated :D ;)
At the times what we say is opposite to what we really want n we want people to understand.:)
Beautiful thought n lovely poem.
@Phoenix: I guess all the girls wil connect to this thought and boys will find it weird! :D

aditi said...

Didn't think of that till later...in fact posted this one very hesitantly!
Yup, any guy would say..."Why not simply just say what you want."!
Thnx :)

Bhushan said...

interestingly and rarely have all the words of a single poem resonated with me so strongly (and contrary to the allegations as well..)
I feel the same all the time..and mostly resort to parallel universe and space-time continuum.. but cudnt put it in such beautiful words!!

Bhushan said...

Disclaimer: those were my personal feelings and I dont intend in any sense to generalise..

aditi said...

Good to hear that :)
Well that just goes to show that nothing can be generalized.
Parallel universe ....interesting :P...in a way I guess we already live in it.......

Prasoon said...

you couldn't have put it better.

hope you find some people who understand it all too well

Ankur said...

Intense post don't know i should comment on it or not but i can't help it ....
Generally these things happen when we feel bad ... so i believe it's not that other person don't understand (because these things are expected only from very close one)the possible reason could be the other person knows and understand it but don't have solution for it and because that person is expected to give a solution which they don't have they also tend to act fool ... i know it's not correct but i feel it's true ....

aditi said...

Thanx, I have many very understanding people around me but there's a corner in each of our souls that still remains hidden.

[Ankur] That's what I am trying to tell. It's not necessary to have solution. Sometimes all these mood out swings need is a good listener. Sometimes there is no solution just a wait for a phase to pass. Btu the wait becomes easier if someone gives you company:)