Sunday, March 01, 2009

Life was good again

It had been a frustrating day and week. No one appreciated her hard work or talent. It was always someone else who made it to the top. She had been sick. She had been confused. And she had been angry and irritable. Gudia felt that any minute now she would burst. And now when she finally wanted to relax with her love, she got a call for a sudden meeting. There really seemed to be no justice! Her though, patient as always, told her to take her time and he would be waiting nearby. It took her half an hour and one agrument to get back. Only now she couldn't reach her love's number-- and soon she would have to go home ! This wasn' t the first time. His phone hadn't been working for sometime now. But at that moment it was all that was needed to push her to the edge.

There he came smiling...and she fumed and shouted "Why don't you just throw your phone away?"
Down went the phone on the road.
Gudia felt stunned but rescued it in time.
"What did you do that for? Are you crazy?"
"You said throw it away. :)"
"But it could have broken..." Gudia said still stunned.
"So what? It's just a phone.....that should be thrown away." He winked.

Suddenly Gudia smiled and relaxed...who could be hyper when they had such sweet love? What more could one ask for? Life was good again.

Life can be harsh but sometimes little spontaneous acts of love/craziness/kindness are all that we require to get us back to our senses and back to face reality.


Phoenix said...

Awww....sweet, Life is beautiful for moments like these

aditi said...

Sure is :):)

Pri said...

adorable post and couple!
very true----its just one such gesture from the person we love that is enough to get us smiling again however blue the day is going :)

aditi said...

Yup these small moments make life beautiful