Thursday, February 05, 2009


Just a curiosity ....would like to see some interesting thoughts on the following :

Why do people associate feelings with the heart and not with the brain? How did this thinking start?


mostlybhu said...

May be because feelings like the heart's beat are involuntary. Brain thinks by training.

Although to properly understand the feelings one needs some learning and thats where most falter and hurt themselves. While others understand the difference and enjoy the feelings.

Is understanding a pre-requisite?

aditi said...

No, understanding everything is not vital but feelings require some level of it subconscious

~_ Prasad _~ said...

maybe coz u make "foolish" decisions frm the heart and sane ones frm the brain!

aditi said...

Welcome to the blog:)
Hmm maybe...but does the "heart" actually make any decisions at all unaided?