Saturday, February 07, 2009

Alone or lonely heart?

We all wish to have someone to tell all to understand us inside out. But isn't it also scary because knowing us means knowing our darker side. And is it even plausible? There are so many things which have no reason and just can't be it even fair to expect anyone to understand them? If we can't expect that, then is the heart supposed to be lonely or in other words self-dependent?


sandeip said...

perhaps we cant/shouldnt really expect that...but isnt that what we are meant to do?i mean, what is life if you have nobody to turn to,nobody to expect something from?sometimes,people fail to meet those expectations...but mostly they dont...or vice versa,depending on if you are a cynic...but the times they come over and stand by you...arent those moments enough to make life worth make one wish to stand by someone too?i would say yes, and that is why i can never stop trusting in people, and that makes me say that people,or their hearts,are not meant to stay alone

Prasoon said...

There are some who would understand you - at times better than how you understand yourself. Are you sure you won't be scared then n won't panic. Trust me, you'll be scared n you'll panic and you'll run away from such a person whereas that is precisely what you wanted in first place.

One advice - cherish such people who understand you n just don't let them go. You're not alone - if you haven't already, you surely will find pals who understand you inside out. :-)

aditi said...

Reply [sandeip and prasoon]

I didn't mean this post as in being lonely or losing trust in people. I merely meant that at times, we expect too much ....which no one can fulfill .And then we blame close ones or feel lonely unnecessarily.Isn't it better to instead be more self reliant or is it right to expect?

mostlybhu said...

I guess then the eternal thought must be remembered:
"Karmanye wadhikarasye ma phaleshu kadachan.."
Shayad thoda modify karna hoga iss case ke liye!!

aditi said...

Good thinking...maybe it could be modified to " we should do what we feel is right ( and what we want to) without worrying about others' reactions.
But then is it even possible to have no expectations?

jca072234 said...

No matter how much self-reliant we are,we all at some point do need someone to share our thoughts with. How boring and mundane life would be otherwise.If we do have some such people around,we should cherish that bond. And even if at times we feel that they can't hear us, give them the benefit of doubt. They have heard you in the past.haven't they.

aditi said...

Very true...i agree with that but my question is, should that bond have some limits or not?

Bhushan said...

Reply[aditi] to your reply to my comment:
It would be difficult but mustnt be impossible.