Tuesday, May 15, 2007

2 random sayings which seem interrelated to each other in some waysand seem exhibit profound meaning ,that couldn't resist sharing them .......

If i am not for myself,who is for me?
If i am not for others,what am i?
If not now,then when?

The best to contribute in ths world is not to look for what the world needs but to do what makes you most alive, the world needs people who are most alive.


saurabh said...

i have to say that

U r a true master of giving hope to a person.


Ankur said...

Very Nicely written !!!
The thing is we should care for everyone and do things needed by world but we are also part of world and society so we should do things for oueselves too .....

Prasoon said...

Beautifully written..

I just chose to stay mute because words wouldn't fit the praise. Thanks for sharing :)

Tapasya said...

Lovely quotes! I have read the first one before, and it inspires you at the right times, and helps us identify the purpose of our lives when we stand bemused and confused.

aditi said...

Thanx...this itself acts as a good stimulus when the going gets tough.Its always good to be appreciated ,if truly.

Do you remember when you once explained this very thing?Its very true but its something we tend to forget.Good to have someone to remind that.


Hey...i read this in exactly such a state:)With Ruskin Bond:)

Dream catcher said...

very beautiful!! needed it !!

blogrolled ya :)

aditi said...

reply[Dream Catcher]
thnx and welcome to the blog:)