Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Some Random Thoughts

Friendship is not about judgement but about acceptance.
If you someone to change according to your wishes then you don't truly consider them your friend.In friendship one needs to value the others' opinion.

The greatest need of everyone is to be needed.

The one thing that gets us into the worst kind of fix is "desire".When we desire something and we dont get it, we feel miserable.We keep chasing after it till we achieve get our desires satiated.....but that never really happens.......
for a little while we feel calm but after that again our mind is in a turmoil.We look for something else to chase.That's the problem.....coz if desires are fulfilled they just lead to more desires.......its neverending process.And crazy too 'cause true happiness comes from within as i recently heard someone say.External factors can only influence it toa slight extent.


Tapasya said...

The greatest need of everyone is to be needed.
Thats really true! As it is said, recognition is crucial to everyone, and human life is all about being known and being loved.

Being 'desire-less' is very difficult, and, practically impossible for a normal human being. All that we can do is write about it, talk about it, and be aware about it...but we cant escape from desires.

'cause true happiness comes from within
Good line. Reminds me of 'To Sir, with Love,' which mentions 'Toughness is a quality of mind.' So is happiness, I believe.

Sankalp Parihar said...

Isn't love too extended friendship? :)

Friendship is something we all want n cant live without!! But at times I am really cynical...i we actually get real frenz in this professional world?

I know i am wrong...n I am so happy for it! :)

aditi said...

[reply taps]
Well we can't be deisreless but we can try to detach ourselves from the results of our efforts.

aditi said...

[reply sankalp]
sometimes i also feel that way......true friends are so rare these days and even those we make can change anytime.It's scary in a way.But it justs makes want to hold onto the ones we have!!!

Ankur Jain said...

I think friendship is god gift... and desire are important because of the reason they give birth to new desire . else what would be the use of life without a aim ,a desire.

aditi said...

True dat desires are important..but the same concept of "master-slave " applies here.As long as we rule them its ok.