Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Sometimes so lonely at heart
When with loved ones we part
They move so far apart
It gets difficult to make a fresh start

Each tree I lean on breaks
And with it heart shatters and shakes
My soul trembles and quakes
When all around high are the stakes
A tiny blow is all it takes
To make life seem full of only fakes


Tapasya said...

That is my kinda poetry! Lol. When did you turn negative and sad and pessimistic?

Tapasya said...
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Tapasya said...

Hi again! I was going through my own blog space, and I realised that you havent commented on so many posts of mine! Thats unfair yaar!

Sankalp Parihar said...

Well y do all seniors hafta turn poetic ;)

nevertheless...a good one!

aditi said...

[reply taps]
hey everyone feels that way sometimes.....but i didnt find it pessimistic somehow just sad.usually i start a pessimistic poem and then give a happy end but this time didnt feel like it!!!

aditi said...

[reply sankalp]

hey!!!why can't seniors write poetry?oris that the birth-right of juniors??lol

vikas said...

Really good lines

aditi said...

[reply vikas]

Ankur jain said...

Nice to read but a bit depressing because it thats the truth even small things done by someone close hurts so much that we start beliving it's all over ...

aditi said...

I guess it hurts a lot as we depend a lot on people close to us.
And then we have a meaningful conversation with some"sensible" people and everything becomes ok again!