Sunday, June 11, 2006

life is beautiful

this is one thought which i keep telling everyone.....all the time.....even the welcome note on my cellphone says rhyme in this one..but then poetry isnt just about rhyme always....more about the flow of thoughts to create a transform readers to a different world....

life is beautiful
even if hectic and stressfull
even if confusing and complex

life is magical
even if monotonous and dull

life gives security,continuity
stability in the midst of fear and unrest
external and in our minds

life’s a miracle
even if sometimes in a jumble

life’s a mystery to unravel
a wonder to stare at with awe
a challenge
even if tough….


Tapasya said...

Nice poem. Yes, portey isnt about rhyming, its more about the thoughts and the flow. Keep blogging, luv ya.

Tapasya said...
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