Sunday, September 04, 2011

As a child I used to cry when someone close left while they would go away sometimes laughing, sometimes with a sympathetic look which felt far worse. Nothing has changed in all these years.  I don't know why. Maybe life is supposed to desensitize you as you grow and when that doesn't happen you get left behind and are kept wondering.


NKHL said...

So true, I just realized that I have become desensitize :(

PS:- My eyes are still sensitive and paining :(, please change the background of the page.

Bhushan said...

nahi life is not supposed to desensitize you!

aditi said...

Its :( whether we become desensitized or not! Ya, have been meaning to change for a while now.

I really don't know, it certainly seems that way at times.

Tapasya said...

It hasn't desensitized me yet. I still cry.

aditi said...

I don't even know now whether that is good or bad for us.