Saturday, February 05, 2011

Life is seesaw

Life is seesaw, full of ups and downs.
God gives us dreams, God gives us the will to fulfill them.
God even makes them come true.
Why then  is the world not always a beautiful place?
What goes wrong?
Even after experiencing miracles, common stuff hurts. Why???
Do we expect too much or is this just life?
In short, is happiness really not supposed to last or are we supposed to make a greater effort to ignore those skirmishes?
But if we try to ignore them but telling ourselves that they do not matter, are we not lying to ourselves? Isn't it better to be true to ourselves rather than ignore our feelings, our very nature?
Does truth end where optimism begins?
Is there even a line between the two?
Once an optimist now finds all this very  hazy.


Tapasya said...

Reminds me for some reason of an old song...

Ya dil ki suno duniya walo, ya mujhko abhi chup rehne do
Mai gam ko khushi kaise keh doon, jo kehte hain unko kehne do

Cheer up babes. Whatever be the situation, good or bad, there are people who will be with you, stand by you, lend you a shoulder to cry and a hand to hold, and love you. They are the ones that matter-- no one else does, nothing else does.

I am, and will always try to be one of those for you,

aditi said...

Thanks dear, you definitely are:)