Saturday, October 16, 2010

Golden cage

It's an old painting
The bird in the golden cage
It's an old concept
That humans, we age

But maybe, unknown to all
An invisible strand binds them both
and realise we do when we fall
that life traps us too

Like the cage, life is unknown to all
Like the cage, it glitters oh so golden
But as drawn to it we are more and more
Away goes our freedom, no longer do we soar

The bird makes the cage its home
Singing to all, known or unknown
So must we try to bring smiles as we go along
For only then do we deserve our feed

Yet with time, the bird continues to strive
To soar and again to its home fly
While so dazed are we with the shine
That the cage to us becomes the world

Until in bliss do we fly
Only to hit its golden walls
And catch a glimpse of the world
Which used to be our home


Tapasya said...

"Until in bliss do we fly
Only to hit its golden walls"

Loved it. The sad part is that deep down we know that we don't have the strength to break open the cage.

MangoMan said...

The harsh reality, the cages, the sorrow, the illusions!

aditi said...

Very true!But then at times we forget that we are in it.

[MangoMan]That's life!