Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What should one strive for?

Adult life sucks!
As a student, you don' have to worry about what happens "ahead". Only on how you can make "future" better.
Suddenly you realize this is future. This is your career.
OK , I love what I do. It's what I wanted to do since childhood, it' my dream come true. And STILL I am miserable! And I used to be the optimist!

It's just that you come to a stage of your life when you don't know what is right.

Before you all get impatient, the reason I miserable is because of stress. And stress is not even work related. It's more like finding gold mines after coming a long way in space and time , and not having sacks to fill the gold in...because of administrative difficulties or because your company is too poor to produce that many sacks. What do you do?
  1. Leave it?
  2. Unclothe yourself to make sacks?
  3. Go back and waste time and opportunity
Is there any choice which will not give you stress/frustration?


Tapasya said...

It's important to realize that you'll never find enough sacks to fill it in. Especially with knowledge, there's just way too much to seek. You need millions of lifetimes to probably exhaust it, and given the fact that it is ever expanding, you'll never be able to gather all of it.

In short, don't be greedy. Be curious, and believe in serendipity. Gather all that you can, but learn to leave things behind. If you have to leave it, it was never meant for you (Haha.. apne pyaar ko jaane do..agar wo tumhara tha to wapas aayega...haha).

Stay hungry, stay foolish. (Steve Jobs will kill me for this :D)

Bhushan said...

Two observations:

1) Are you working or doing a PhD?
2) Exactly what I have beein going through in the last few months. Its totally devastating. I guess the same as 'ab yahan tak aa gaye hai, ab kidhar jayein?' Thanks for reminding :)

aditi said...

I am talking about success here ...not knowledge:P
Knowledge gathering depends on me so that's ok but success depends upon the support I get.

But this applies here also, letting go helps...

1.PhD IS the work!
2.I guess we can't seem get beyond this question even now no matter what we are doing..bcoz it's not the carefree student life anymore...welx:)

Tapasya said...

Knowledge was just an example. The idea applies to almost everything in life -- success, relationships, family, feelings...