Saturday, June 13, 2009

200 posts and going......

It's been a while. No, I still haven't got in touch with myself. Sometimes it's not so easy. When did studies start? School? College? Grad school? At least after two years of "proper work", it's difficult to suddenly realize you are "free". Free from what? The daily schedule becomes a part of you. It difficult to suddenly get to know that you can no longer come your college, that you have no work for at least a few weeks or maybe a month. My friend maybe rightly called it the "IIT withdrawl symptoms". But it makes you feel old. As a child I always used to ask people, when do you finally grow up? Hmmm....maybe never at heart. But here are a few symtoms when you can safely consider yourself grown up in the eyes of the world, whether you like it or not :
  • When the average age of crickters is less than yours. (it really came as a shock to me!)
  • When your peers start getting married.....a weird nostalgia and refusal to accept the situation will overwhelm you
  • When you can no longer delay deciding what you will do for the rest of your life. When you talk of further studies, suddenly people think you have gone crazy. But well that's the one thing I know I like doing and it feels safe. Do people still study just for the sake of learning and instead of career opportunities?
  • When you realise you are too old for certain of your dreams. OK so you are never too old but ya, you would no longer be appreciated for a particular mastery.
  • When you yourself wonder about married life and accept or fear it not as some"maybe" in distant future but as a reality.
  • When you worry that you really will never grow up despite your age :( . I mean parents pamper you most of your life and now someday you would be expected to follow those footsteps, be responsible for not just yourself.No more tantrums or sulkings. Be an adult in real life. It's chilling!
Any suggestions?
One thing that doesn't make me feel so is that this is my 200th post :)Long live blogging!


kshitiz sehgal said...

as they say change is the only constant thing in life.
if one journey wont end hw cn u get on wid d nxt one.
jus think of it hw u wud hv felt wen school ended or graduation n so many other things.
bt life carries on.............

important is to accept n enjoy chnges

kshitiz sehgal said...

n u described beautifully hw one feel abt being growing older. that cricket one is funny bt really evn i feel there r so many players younger than me :)

dis means nw its nt the time to jus see n aspire bt the time hs come to realize wht u want to do.
nw dat doesnt necessarily means doing a dream job in a posh office.

but do wht u think is gud for ur future and wht one enjoys doin.
if it means studying further so b it. so wht if some ppl dont understand ur potential

aditi said...

When those other changes occurred, at least I knew what I wanted, there was no doubt.
But very true advise:) Especially the part that now we have to reach our goals. Waiting days are over!

Ankur said...

It's very difficult to know whether we are grown up or not. I think we grow everyday but we keep on growing so it is but obvious that we are grown as well as we still need to grow ... so this can be summarized as we have grown in certain sense but still lots more to be learn.... so keep learning and use your experience ....

aditi said...

That is of course true but what I meant was when are you considered "grown up" in the general sense and when you do you accept the same for yourself.

Tapasya said...

I can completely relate to this post. You echoed my feelings. I don't like growing up, I don't want to get serious about things. I still want my parents to decide for me, and to hold me if I go wrong. Its just weird -- you never realize that you've grown up and that time has rushed past you. Everyone around you does-- except for you.

aditi said...

Very true...but it certainly feels nice to share the feeling:)...another that we will be going through...

Bhushan said...

What would happen the day after we have completely grown up in the eyes of ppl? may be when ppl say "you have grown up" it means "you have grown up enough for a particular thing".like we had grown up enough at the age of 3 to go to school..

abt further studies..just an incident as the topic came up. last yr I had met a girl who after 4 yrs of engineering and 1 yr of job ex had enrolled for a 8 yr MD-PhD program! May be she was grown up enough to take that decision. It all depends on what others who matter to you want for you and what you want for them. A difficult choice! If only a compensation can be reached at some point.

aditi said...

At some point of time you cross the "child" barrier and go into adulthood. Traditionally we say it happens at 18 but it doesn't actually. It varies from person to person. That's what I am referring to.

8 years, wow!
Very valid point though...if people who matter to us are satisfied and we are confident, then the decision can be considered right.