Friday, December 14, 2007

What do you do if you don't know what you want suddenly???Walking along the way, you get so used to the way, that you forget where its supposed to be leading.....for all you know you could have reached your destination but suddenly you don't know where you were going's not as important as the fact that you are no longer travelling alone...won't have to the fact that you like the way.......
But once this security settles in you realise you still need to know where to go or else you will just wonder aimlessly......

I feel directionless, goalless, thoughtless
As in an automata which is stateless

You say that’s impossible,
But it’s true
See it if you want to

I talk but don’t converse
I walk but don’t traverse.

I am happy but empty, hollow,
No dream to follow.

I am content but not satisfied
Wish someone could get all this clarified

There is no question
So no answer

No problem
And so no solution

Bad times don’t break me
But then good times don’t thrill me

Life is a plane
Wish to seesaw even if not rollercoaster again