Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's a crazy world

WARNING::Post Grads would agree!

Sometimes I think.....

OHH its all sooooooo funny,
like a facepack of banana and honey
its not about the money,
its about being crazy like bugsbunny,

Work is not about work, its about sticking,
OHH like a chewing gum,
Only you can be dumb,
but must satiate your tum ,
even if have rum,
no need to be glum,

Coz, hectic means fretting
free means boring
challenge means betting
book means poring
Then what is rain?
Its riding in an empty lane.

Lain means tired
but tired means fired
fired means going to mommy
where all is sunny
OHH its all so funny!!!!!


Tapasya said...

Work is not about work, its about sticking....good one there!

Tapasya said...

And fired means going to mommy...wish I could do that :(