Thursday, December 28, 2006

Is nacheez ke nakaamyaab haathon se kya umeed rakhen hum?
Socha tha hogen safal par vo bhi nikala ek bhram
Umeed tootne pe mile bas ghum
Par phir bhi umeed ke sang hi badte chalenge jab tak hai dum….


Tapasya said...

Thats the spirit baby!

As it is said: Ummeed pe duniyaa qaayam hai!
We may not reach the culmination points and the fruition stages always, but then, atleast, somewhere we are happy to have atleast tried! You need a dose of 'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho, lol.


Anonymous said...

Nice one Aditi...expectations followed by failure must not lead to loss of with the "never say die" attitude!

aditi said...

Reply[Taps]hey following your prescription of Alchemist..:)
Actaully i also thought of that only..:)
Reply[Charru]hi didi...finally vistioong my blogs again..:)..y r u coming as invisible?
Not lost hope...dats y the last sentence:)